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Through Time

Ancient Thira & Akrotiri




a spectacular archaeological site, situated a short distance from the settlements of Perissa and Kamari. It is comprised of the ruins of an entire city, including an agora, a theater, agymnasium, sanctuaries, and other structures. 

Akrotiri is an extremely well-preserved ancient site, with houses, storage rooms, a very sophisticated ancient sewage system, staircases, and roads, all of which are in magnificent condition. The entire settlement was covered in lava when the eruption of the volcano took place in the 17th century B.C.


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Our Products


As our origin comes from Crete & Santorini , our families used to produce local products for not only for our own consumption, but also for commercial use. In winter take place the olives picking and the virgin olive oil production, while in summer we make our wine and raki from grapes. Sometimes we pick pure salt from the salt marshes near our villages and prepare diferent kind of specialities like dry tomatoes, olive pikles, and local marmelade and sweets. You can find in Bonora some of these in small packages and bottles or you can order.

There will be a basket with some of them and olive oil for your cooking while your stay here. Don't hesitate to taste it! 

Oia Traditional Village


Olive oil


Wine & Raki




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